Types of Waterproofing Issues:

  • water leakages from the toilets, kitchens & wet areas
  • Swimming pools water seepage
  • retaining wall leakages or underground structure water seepage from the ground water
  • tracing the water dampness to the plaster wall, RC structures that caused damages to the wall or floor finishes
  • ceiling leakages from the roof
  • aluminium cladding leakages due to the failure of defective sealant
  • water seepage from the wall and caused the hair line crack to the wall or ceiling

Types of Waterproofing Solutions:

  • Water-apply or cementitious waterproofing
  • Membrane type or concrete deck built up waterproofing system
  • Epoxy or acrylic waterproofing system
  • Underground waterproofing
  • PU injection chemical
  • Various type PU sealant for roofing, cladding or flooring