Blast Door/Shelter Door

Household Shelter Door and Staircase Shelter Door (CD Shelter)
  • Supply & Installation of Household Shelter Door Frame, Hatch Door Frame, Ventilation Sleeves.
  • Rectification/repair of Household Shelter Door, Staircase Shelter Door and Ventilation Sleeves.
  • KO Box Rectification/Repair.
Jobs are done within BCA’s requirements for readiness of Shelter Compartments:
  • Air-Tightness Test (Commissioning Trial Test) complete with certification.
  • Chalk test.
  • Roof Level Horizontal Blast Hatch Safety Steel Mesh  & Safety Hook.
  • SUS 304 Grade Stainless Steel Door Holder.
  • Kapur Wood Blast Hatch Door Stopper.
  • Method of Statement & PE Enodrsement.
  • Any other requirements as per BCA standards.